Chinese Year of the Snake

So tomorrow marks the Chinese New Year, the year of the snake. if you were born between 18 Feb 1977 and 06 Feb 1978 or 06 Feb 1989 and 26 January 1990 then this is your Chinese Zodiac. Now I must be honest, I don’t really read into zodiacs and stars much but if you do then apparently a person born under the sign of the snake often have a good temper and a skill at communicating but say little. They are usually financially secure and do not have to worry about money (This is why I know I was DEFINITELY not born under the sign of the snake!) Although they look calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. They have a rich source of inspiration and understand themselves well. Women under the sign of the snake do well in housework but are irritable (Wahaha really? I think this applies to most women really – I mean, who does well at housework and actually ENJOYS it?!?)

But what does it have to do with you and I who are not Chinese I hear you ask? Well, even the snake is making it’s appearance in jewellery. Some are a little slithery for my liking but others are not too bad.

Love it but all together it looks a little bit freaky!

I could definitely do the above bracelets. They are pretty and I quite like the coral and gold together.



Slithery and freaky or on trend and wearable? Let me know what you think..


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