Make a Statement

If you thought that statement jewellery has had it’s day, think again. Trends emerging from the Fashion Weeks that have taken place recently (New York, London, Paris) are showing that showpiece jewellery is still a big trend for Spring/Summer 2013. Here in SA, we are two seasons behind the rest of the world (just because we are in the Southern Hemisphere) which means that these trends are still to hit us. However, the nice thing with jewellery is that, unlike clothes which we need to wat to come into the shops, we can adapt and make the jewellery currently in stores work for us. And if walking around the SA shops lately is anything to go by, pick up some awesome trendy pieces now to wear well into next year.

Alexander McQueen

Hows this choker by Alexander McQueen? I know you looked at the hat first.. hard not to really. But that choker! I want. [Image: GoRunway]


These earrings from Balmain are not my favourite but more to illustrate that big is in. [Image: GoRunway]


Erm.. These cuffs from Celine are not the best either. But hey, it is the runway and not everything is meant to be taken literally. Right?! [Image: GoRunway]


Of course, this would be Chanel. Classic and timeless pearls. But in abundance! [Image: GoRunway]

Diane von Furstenburg

Diane von Furstenburg takes ‘going big’ to the next level. [Image: GoRunway]

Dolce and Gabbana 2

Love the ‘headband and big earring’ look from Dolce and Gabbana. Could easily look a little gypsy-ish but this looks fun. Maybe if we all had cheekbones like that we could pull this off.. [Image: GoRunway]


Love this gemstone cuff by Etro. [Image: GoRunway]


Givenchy went very minimalist with their statement jewellery. Sleek yet bold. [Image: GoRunway]


And this has to be my favourite. Gucci went floral statement necklaces with simple garments. I love this as it’s not too over the top that it’s not wearable. [Image: GoRunway]


And this cuff/glove by Hermes is a statement piece if I ever saw one. Not too over the top but eye catching and different. [Image: GoRunway]

This is not my first post about statement jewellery (view the other post here) nor will it be my last! So my advice is, invest in some statement jewellery girls – the bigger, the better!


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