Mad Men Jewellery

And so our four day weeks come to end.. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are well rested to take on the rest of the year! Yeah, me neither.

I have recently started watching Mad Men.. I know I am very behind the times and that it’s been out for a while, but things my side have been manic and I am finally finding some time for myself. I love this show, probably because I work in an agency and often dream of boozy lunches, but mainly because the styling is so darn good. And they say things like “swell”.

There are some gorgeous pieces on that set and I love the 1960’s vibe. The big clip on pearl earrings, the statement necklaces, the brooches..


I think the most iconic piece is Joan Holloway’s gold chain pen. She wears it all the time (well in the first season anyway) and carries it off to well! [source]

How gorgeous is this necklace and earring combo on ol' Mrs Betty Draper?

How gorgeous is this necklace and earring combo on ol’ Mrs Betty Draper? [source]


All the pearls and glass beads.. Reminds me a bit of my grans jewellery. [source]


How much do you love this ‘earring and brooch’ set? Very matchy matchy as was wont in the 1960’s. [source]


I’m not quite sure who the woman on the left is (as I said I have only starting watching very recently) and I don’t want to Google in case I ruin it for myself! But you can enjoy her necklace in the meantime. And of course, the gorgeous January Jones on the right. [source]

The earrings. The brooch. I want!

The earrings. The brooch. I want! [source]


As you can see by all my images of Joan, she really ups the stakes in the jewellery department. How beautiful is this choker? [source]

As you can see, poor old Peggy doesn’t really make much of an appearance. Mainly because she doesn’t wear anything other than the odd string of pearls here and there (her blouses tend to go right up to her neck) and also because I can’t stand the little fringe thing she has got going on there. It frustrates me.


Oh fiiine.. Here is Peggy. Resplendent in yellow. with that fringe. Although, the necklace is not half bad. [source]


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