Off to London I goooo!

So most of you who know me, know that I am leaving the sunny shores of Cape Town, South Africa (a place that I have called home for 25 years) and am on my way to London. In a week. *Cue hysterical screams of excitement and pure terror*

As of today I am unemployed, homeless and, with nothing more than a few pounds (and I mean few. This exchange rate is horrible) and a one way ticket to the UK, I am embarking on my next big adventure.


Might need to buy one of these blingola’s to remind me where I am. Then again, this is a little hideous. So maybe not. [source]

Good news is that I am still going to continue blogging and am going to try and keep featuring Cape Town and South African jewellery designers because I just love their style. BUT the exciting aspect is that I can also blog about jewellery from one of the most fashion forward cities in the world!


This is not as kitch as the above ring. In fact, I could def pull this off! [source]

To celebrate I thought I would show you a few union jack pieces that are not too bad. Well kinda.


These are.. cute. I would wear them if I was given it as a present. Maybe. [source]


Not this is nice. Perfect for all the coast I am going to need to buy to try and stay warm. [source]


Everyone knows that people drink lots of tea in London. I’m more of a coffee girl but bring on the scones! [source]

<img class=” wp-image-651 ” alt=”<pre>

</pre>” src=”; width=”396″ height=”396″ />

Quite sweet. [source]Ok, I’m off to pack my life into a suitcase. Have an awesome weekend almal!


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