Coachella 2013 Jewellery

So I’m sure many of you are aware that Coachella took place this past weekend and all the celebs and lucky buggers who got to go were out in full fashion force. This is not just a music festival y’all, but a full on fashion parade with lots of side eyes as to who wore what. I was more interested to see the jewellery side of it and whether people would totally glam it up or keep it relaxed and casual.

Alessandra Ambrosio

This is Alessandra Ambrosio’s first day outfit. Sheesh, this girl has legs huh?


Love that she played up the Coachella armband and used it as one of her stacking bracelets. Love this festival style.


Kate Bosworth looked cute in an all white ensemble.


But it was her leaf bracelet that I loved!
Katy Perry

Katy Perry looked really cute wearing an on-trend crucifix and cuff.


The necklace reminds me of the Dolce and Gabbanna runway show (here).

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush made the statement necklace work for her, taking a lovely (if not ordinary) dress and dressing it up.


This bib necklace is very on trend and looks amazing on her!

All above images can be found here. But celebs weren’t the only ones rocking out with their fest style;


If you ever needed evidence that stacking is trend, here you go..


Some people went all out. I don’t know if I could have survived a festival with this on to be honest.


Statement necklaces were in abundance.. As was plenty of skin.


How much do you love this silver bib necklace?

Coachella, I think we may have to meet one day. One day soon.

Images from here and here.


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