Ken and Dana Design

I am a big fan of procrastination. So when the procrastination gods sat down and created Pinterest, I cheered and joined as soon as I was made aware of just how fantastic it is (Thanks Briony!). Amid the numerous weight loss remedies and ‘motivational’ pins (look like this now with an annoying picture of a perfect set of abs), there are some real treasures and, excuse the pun, gems to be found.

I saw a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring on my feed the other day and repinned it, only to have about 20 people repin the pin and a bunch more ‘like’ it. Because it was so popular I took a closer look at the designers and decided I had to share their awesome pieces.

This is the baby. How amazingly different?

This is the baby. How amazingly different?

The company responsible are Ken and Dana Designs, from New York City. They describe their search for inspiration in everything that surrounds them,

We make engagement rings and wedding bands that are inspired by sculpture, architecture, organic shapes, and most of all, the personal stories we hear from our clients every day. We recognize that no two relationships are the same, and only by engaging you throughout the creation process are we able to craft a truly unique product that you can call your own.

Each engagement ring is named after the person it was designed for and is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many beautiful pieces on their site so I chose the most unique and different engagement rings to show you girls;


This is called The Daya. It is described as combining the art of sculpture with a classic solitaire in a choice of recycled metal. I describe it as gorgeous.


The Aurora is the Ken and Dana Design’s sculptural take on a traditional engagement ring. The pear cut diamond might just be one of my favourite cuts.


I love the story behind this ring. The guy wanted his soon-to-be fiance’s passions exhibited some how in the ring. The designers came up with the idea of incorporating a double helix because she is a genetic scientist -VOILA! Called Mandy, it is such a unique piece!


The Pari features a cluster of round brilliant diamonds flanked by six gold prongs. I’m not a great fan of gold but this, with six diamonds, I would definitely wear!


The Sundara is bold and sculptural. What I love about this piece features Ken and Dana’s signature split shank (the part going around your finger), symbolizing the merging of two paths into one.


The Devi is inspired by the essence of a delicate rose bud, complete with organic flourishes. I’m not great fan of this ring but, I’m sure you can agree, it’s a very different take on the engagement ring.

And there you go. Have you been drooling over these as much as I did? If so, visit the Ken and Dana website here, like their Facebook page here, follow them on Twitter @KDDdesign and on Pinterest here.


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