Emirates High Street

So as you all know, I am now in London Town! It took 24 hours of travelling, crying babies and free breakfasts of fish (don’t ask) but here I am! I flew on Emirates Airlines and, being the traveller virgin I am, I didn’t realise that they would come around with trolley of lovely goods that are all duty free! Because I am currently (f)unemployed in a city that is R14 to a pound I didn’t spend anything but it didn’t stop me from having a good look..

A beautiful 3 ringed gold-plated necklace with embedded crystals 65dol

I quite liked this gold-plated necklace with embedded crystals. However for 65 dollars (the prices were all in dollars) it was just nice to look at.

Aigner Leather Bracelet Set 66dollars

Loved these and they come as a pair! They are Aigner Leather Bracelets and cost 66 dollars for the set.

Swarovski Bella Pierced Earrings 71dol

These babies are Swarovski and for 71 dollars could have been mine. But alas, I didn’t have 71 dollars.

Swarovski Slake Bracelet 67dol

A favourite of mine was this Swarovski Slake Bracelet. I love that the leather and the subtle jewels work so well together.

Tateossian Ladies Luce Bracelet 69dol

Not crazy about this bracelet but I liked the colours.. It is a Tateossian Luce Bracelet and is 69 dollars.

Victoria Lawson Golden Rays Necklace and Bracelet Set 99dol

I don’t know if I would wear the necklace but the bracelet is darn nice! It’s a Victoria Lawson Golden Rays Necklace and Bracelet Set for 99 dollars.

So now you know that if you travelling on Emirates and have money to blow, this is the best way to do it! Then you can hop off the plane looking all glam.

All images from here.


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  1. All very nice! Good taste indeed! I think Swarovski keeps some items to sell exclusively at airports and in flight duty free. I’m a frequent flyer so I will look for these beauties on my next trip, in brick and mortar too 😉

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