Current Obsession – Midi Rings

Girls, I must apologize. I have taken a little time off this past week but I should have let you know. I have been taking my time settling into the London vibe and while so far I am having a jam, the big move really set in this past week. But I’m back and ready to continue to post about beautiful things! My current obsession is midi rings. I see them EVERYWHERE on Twitter but alas could never find any in Cape Town (as I was leaving for London soon my mind was elsewhere though).


How much do you love these rings? [source]

I went to Brick Lane market the other day and found midi rings so was so excited I bought two! Look, they not the most comfortable things to wear as they feel like they are going to fall off so my tip would be to buy one that fit really snugly (obvs not cutting off the blood circulation to your finger) so that you don’t have to stress about losing them.

Midi Rings & Manicures

The trick is to find simple and delicate rings so that they show off your manicure or, if you like me, just want to wear more rings! [source]


Love all of these rings but particularly the one on her ring finger. Gorgeous!


Psst, I’ll just casually hold my Starbucks.. Looking all trendy and stuff.

So what do you think? A trend you going to wear? Let me know!


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