Marcos and Trump

Each day in London brings its own emotions, discoveries and adventures. This weekend has been a tough one but yesterday was awesome as my sister took me to witness the beauty that is Columbia Road Flower Market. It’s insane how many flowers are available but what I found even more insane was how many people were there! It was packed!

After buying some lilies, the sis and I took a wander down the road looking at all the cute shops along the side of the road. Which is how we come to discover the awesomeness that is Marcos and Trump.

Marcus & Trump (1)

I ripped this photo off the net because there is no way that I would have been able to get a clear shot of it yesterday. Too many blooming people! (har har – get it?)

Girls, if you are in the London area this is a must visit and if you are lucky enough to be visiting the UK soon, be sure to swing by. You wont be disappointed!

The jewellery is beautiful! My sister and I went absolutely crazy, trying everything on. I managed to snap a few pictures of pieces that I want to go back for when I am earning pounds!


How much do you love these? I don’t even know what they are called so will have to find out and do a separate blog post on it – but these are officially my next obsession!


This necklace is stunning. I didn’t manage to get a price but I thought I would just show you the gorgeousness.

We then got chatting to the very friendly shop assistant and the photo taking took a bit of a back seat but I took some images off their Facebook page so you can have a look.


There were gorgeous button bib necklaces that I find generally look a little DIY, but not these! These I would actually wear..


Love this necklace! One way to make a statement!


Their jewellery is beautifully displayed and even includes deer antlers on which jewellery is hung.

If you want to pay them a visit, their address is 146 Columbia Rd, Shoreditch, London otherwise like their Facebook page here for some eye candy.


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