Bracelets with meaning..

And by meaning I mean with actual words. Pepping you up during the day. Usually, I would hate something like this, deeming it a little too kitch. However, when my colleague gave me a farewell present of a gold bracelet with the words, “The best is yet to come” I was really touched and I now always wear it when I have an interview. I can hear her saying it to me when I look at it. Which may seem daft, but on days where you are sure your next move is to the London sidewalk with a cardboard box, a blanket and a sign saying, “Will clean jewellery for food”, it’s like a mini pep talk that goes on between my wrist and I.


I couldn’t find my one but is seems that there are many available. How lovely and perfect for stacking! R130.

Found at Sass Diva there are plenty with many different messages on them. They are not too “in your face” and perfect for giving to a girlfriend for a birthday or as a surprise gift.


This one is also cute with the words, Hope, Love, Dream, Laugh, Believe on it.


And they are also available in silver. Nice.

So if you are looking for a great present, visit Sass Diva here or follow them on Facebook here (all pictures are from here), Twitter @SassDivaSA and Pinterest here. Their social media is amazing and following them ensures that you are not only going to get updates about their latest jewellery and sales, but also cute and motivational posts. I’m not gushing, I just find that following a page on Facebook invariably leads to frustration when they post about the same thing all the time and include irrelevant posts. Anyway, rant over. You may go and follow now 🙂


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