Gold is a girl’s new best friend according to Elie Saab

Gold is here to stay. And not in a subtle way either. I must be honest I am not a big fan of wearing too much gold as we had a neighbour when I was small who used to drip with gold jewellery and I always thought it was slightly kitch. But the more jewellery I am loving and wanting to buy, gold is definitely creeping in there..

Elie Saab’s pre-fall collection included major gold jewellery so your cuffs and statement necklaces are still going to be around for a while!


This may be a little hectic to wear for a drink at the pub..


I quite love this. I don’t think I will like the price tag however.


Gold and diamond earrings. Gorgeous.


A model showing us mere mortals how to do it.

img-thing (4)

Love this cuff that the model is wearing! Now this is something I would lvoe to have around my wrist!

All images can be found here and here.


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