My best from the Resort 2014 collections

The fashion world has been in a frenzy of late as all the big name designers have come out with their Resort 2014 collections. Resort collections are for those who are taking their holidays in sunnier climates (here’s looking at you in a disapproving manner, London). So it’s not a Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter collection but rather an in betweener if that makes sense? Silhouettes from previous seasons are often used with sneak peeks of what is to come in the next seasons collection.

Anywhoodle, now that you feeling super clever with this knowledge, let me show you my favourite jewellery looks from the collections.


This is from Balenciaga. The whole ‘wearing the same cuffs on both arms’ is a thing. Trust me on this. But make sure they are big and bold enough so as to make a statement.

chanel-resort2014-runway-Louis Kwok

Of course this is Chanel. And of course I would love it as I am a BIG fan of pearls draped all over one.


MaxMara showing that chunky bangles are back, only if worn identically on each arm.


Michael Kors did something funny with his jewellery and I know the title of the blog said ‘my best’ but this isn’t my best. It’s just weird. If you look closely it’s a lock on a perspex cuff. I suppose ‘dare to be different’ and all that..


Oscar de la Renta brings out the statement necklaces to add some oomph to his collection.


This chick looks like someone just cut the line for a McDonalds burger. But the pendant vibe is alive and well in the Proenza Schouler resort collection.


And I love this combination of a choker and a pendant as seen on the Ralph Lauren runway.

What is your favourite? Let me know below or tweet me @LaurenMcMinn.

Images here


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