Romeo Foxtrot Designs

This gorgeous Cape Town jewellery designer and I met long before either of us even thought jewellery would bring us back in touch. We met on a shoot (we were modelling dressing gowns. Yes. Glam I know) and her infectious laugh and bubbly personality struck me immediately. So you can imagine my delight when she started producing jewellery that I wanted to fill my jewellery box with. Turns out she started making jewellery for herself and posting pics on social media.. and the orders came pouring in!

TOLD you she's gorgeous. She is wearing on of her 'Feather for each Wind that Blows' earring.

TOLD you she’s gorgeous. She is wearing on of her ‘Feather for each Wind that Blows’ earring.

I bought one of her bracelets as a treat to myself for my birthday this year (see the post here) but I saw on Twitter the other day she has just launched a line of rings. And you all know me and rings! Her jewellery brand is called Romeo Foxtrot Designs, her nickname by one of her friends who used to call her that in order to simplify Rouxmia.

I thought it was quite catchy and then decided to go with it! I googled it and I found out that in the army it used to mean “run like f**k” so it made it even more fun to use! Thanks Alex Hulley!

This beautiful black diamante ring is R150.

This beautiful black diamante ring is R150.

Rouxmia finds her inspiration on Pinterest as well as when she walks into her suppliers. Her jewellery is made up of nickel free Tibetan silver, pleather and suede. What I like is that she makes it as affordable as possible without skimping on the quality.

This gold based ring with a brown stone is only R100.

This gold based ring with a brown stone is only R100.

Romeo Foxtrot currently has six rings but, like me, Rouxmia loves rings so promises that there will be more to come.

The swirl rings are R130 each.

The swirl rings are R130 each.

Rouxmia’s favourite piece of jewellery that she makes,

is probably my suede wrap charm bracelets, because it is unique and that came to me in a dream. I make the originals and I absolutely love charms!

The suede wrap bracelets are R220.

The suede wrap bracelets are R220.

Her next line will be a prayer bead line with which she is currently busy as well as a T-Shirt line in the near future. But MY favourite is this little baby right here..


The diamante lioness ring is only R100. And looks AMAZING!

If you love her jewellery as much as I do then have a look on her website for more of her pieces. Rouxmia is on Pinterest here, friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter at @Rouxmia. If you want to order, mail her at


Cannes Opening Ceremony Jewellery 2013

Hollywood has moved to Cannes. As have most of the diamonds and jewellery of the world right now. I’m not really one for all this celeb spotting and I don’t want to be a regurgitated version of the tabloid blogs, but this is what’s happening right now and when stylists are making statements and contributing to trends, best we watch.

These gems were all spotted at the Premier of the Great Gatsby and the Cannes film festival opening ceremony. Where it was pouring with rain. And yet these girls managed to look amazing.


Cara Delevingne made a dramatic entrance in black lace by Burberry. She was dripping in Chopard diamonds. Normally I am not a fan of wearing a necklace, ring and earrings but with that fierce face, she could pull anything off.


How much do you love the hairdo? Nicole Kidman wore simple diamond studs and let her outfit and hairstyle do most of the talking.


Isla Fisher wears a Bulgari necklace with a gorgeous red dress. Love the statement necklace and that she decided for a fun piece and not a typical diamond necklace.

Opening Ceremony And 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Cindy Crawford does not look a day over 30. Seriously, I want this lady’s genes. And earrings. They are from Chopard Fine Jewellery and probably cost as much as a house. Just saying.

Opening Ceremony And 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

And Solange came out er, swinging in the jewellery stakes. Her earrings are also from Chopard and worked so well with her dress. Always one to mix it up, props to her for making a classy statement with her jewellery.


Lana Del Rey wore stunning Chopard earrings which were almost hidden in her hair. Pity that.

As you can see, Chopard ruled the jewellery roost. Well played ladies, well played.

The Jewellery at the 2013 Met Ball

So the Met Ball has been and gone and most of you have probably seen the dresses, who was the best dressed, who just messed up totally (ahem Kim Kardashian) but not much has been said about the jewellery. The Costume Institute Gala threw the event for the ‘PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I like that the theme was punk and I expected to see lots of studs, spikes and less sparkly bling on the carpet than usual. But some stars just decided that they wouldn’t dress to the theme (lame) and looked as if they were off to the Oscars.

My best jewellery of the event was seen on the following stars;


Cara Delevigne looked amazing in her spiked jacket but I loved the ear cuffs and layered necklaces. I’m not normally a fan of mixing silver and gold but she makes this work.


Rita Ora brought the rings out to play. Which I like. I like a whole lot.


As much as Nicole Richie’s hair looks like a granny’s, the earcuff puts her on my best jewellery list. LOVE it and this makes me want to go out and buy my own.


YES! How much do you love Katy Perry going on Dolce and Gabbanna? (See my post here). Love that she wore David Yurman accessories and rocked it. SHe could have walked straight off the catwalk!


And of course Sienna Miller just kicked it out the park. The hair accessory and the ear cuffs and stack. She wins for me. Hands down.

And then there was some jewellery that was alright, not amazing, but alright.


Blake Lively looked gorgeous and these earrings are lovely but the furthest from punk you could get. So as much as I love them, they would not have been my choice for this event.

Miley Cyrus also had a bad hair day but I had to show you her full length finger ring. I enjoy it although I am not quite sure how practical it will be in real life.

Miley Cyrus also had a bad hair day but I had to show you her full length finger ring. I enjoy it although I am not quite sure how practical it will be in real life.


Mary Kate Olsen wore two gorgeous necklaces. But they don’t go together as far as I’m concerned. Also, she looks less than happy to be there. I will happily take the cross necklace though.

And then there was just the downright horrible.

designer tabitha simmons

Designer Tabitha Simmons. The idea was there and she was so close. But the earrings are hopelessly too big. Love the crown. But the earrings just take it over to the questionable side.


Diane Kruger kept the accessories to a minimum but I appreciate the cuffs. A little clunky but then again it’s fits the theme so I would give her a 6/10.

jennifer morrison

Jennifer Morrison stuck to the trend of wearing rings on every finger however these creepy crawlies give me the heebie jeebies! Looks awesome if you are not arachnophobic.

jessica parker

I don’t know about Jessica Parker’s head piece. Yes it was theme-inspired but I can’t get away from the fact that it would have looked more at home on a Las Vegas showgirl.


Jessica Alba did something different with her earrings here. The jury is still out on whether it looks great or makes her look like an alien.


Look, now I love Solange. But the earrings and the event did not go together. At all.

And there you have it. What jewellery did you love? Think I have missed anyone out? Let me know below!

[Images from here, here, here, here and here]

Current Obsession – Midi Rings

Girls, I must apologize. I have taken a little time off this past week but I should have let you know. I have been taking my time settling into the London vibe and while so far I am having a jam, the big move really set in this past week. But I’m back and ready to continue to post about beautiful things! My current obsession is midi rings. I see them EVERYWHERE on Twitter but alas could never find any in Cape Town (as I was leaving for London soon my mind was elsewhere though).


How much do you love these rings? [source]

I went to Brick Lane market the other day and found midi rings so was so excited I bought two! Look, they not the most comfortable things to wear as they feel like they are going to fall off so my tip would be to buy one that fit really snugly (obvs not cutting off the blood circulation to your finger) so that you don’t have to stress about losing them.

Midi Rings & Manicures

The trick is to find simple and delicate rings so that they show off your manicure or, if you like me, just want to wear more rings! [source]


Love all of these rings but particularly the one on her ring finger. Gorgeous!


Psst, I’ll just casually hold my Starbucks.. Looking all trendy and stuff.

So what do you think? A trend you going to wear? Let me know!

Jewel Eye

Part of the whole London experience is definitely exploring the markets that seem to crop up on every street and round every corner. On Saturday we went to explore the brick lane market and although I couldn’t buy anything (I am stretching my rands to last me as long as possible!), I had the most amazing time just looking at everything and everyone.

Guys, the jewellery. As soon as I am earning pounds I am going to have a problem. I can see it now. I saw the most beautiful jewellery brand and thought I have to share it with you! It’s called Jewel Eye and I’m not going to tell you too much, but rather let you see for yourselves!


A gorgeous multi stone necklace. Each necklace is made individually as all the stones differ so when you buy on it is really one of a kind piece.


This bracelet is perfect for stacking or for wearing on it’s own.


The rings are my absolute favourite! The gold plated brass just offsets the stone so perfectly.


Hows this for a unique statement ring?


Turquoise stones in the gold brass setting.


These stones are my favourite and will look amazing on people with blue eyes.


If you want something a little more chunky then this is the ring for you!

This is going to be my first purchase when I start earning pounds. This bracelet is just too dam beautiful!

This is going to be my first purchase when I start earning pounds. This bracelet is just too dam beautiful!

Told you they were gorgeous! All the images can be found here.

Great Gatsby Jewellery by Tiffany & Co.

If you are a Great Gatsby fan and can’t wait for the film to come out in May, you may have already seen the trailer. The below clip gives you a sneak peek as well as explaining the design and inspiration of the jewellery.

How great does it look? But, most importantly, how amazing are those jewels? Makes me want to go back into the 1920’s, even if it’s just to wear a jewelled headband!

Yes, this baby. I could definitely walk around London with it on right?

Yes, this baby. I could definitely walk around London with it on right? And for only $200 000.00 I could buy two.. Pffft.

As heard in the clip above, Jewellers Tiffany & Co. collaborated with the Great Gatsby costume designer, Catherine Martin, to create a twenties inspired collection called Ziegfeld.

“The jewelry we created for this momentous production of [F. Scott] Fitzgerald’s famous novel and our designs for the Ziegfeld Collection reveal the style of the period and Tiffany as its premier jeweler,” said John King, executive vice president of Tiffany & Co. “Tiffany was certainly part of this era. The brand was at the center of the parties of the rich and famous.”

Enough about that, let’s see the pieces!


This hairclip is my best and probably costs a pretty penny. But how gorgeous to add sparkle to an outfit?


This heart locket necklace on a ribbon is another one of my favourites. The level of detail in the heart makes it a piece I want in my jewellery box. $800 for the locket.


One of the many rings that Carey Mullingan wears in the film. The black Onyx is offset by the pearls beautifully and is $475.


What would the 1920’s be without strings of pearls? I like hoe they have made these unique by using different sizes of pearls and regular intervals so that the simple beauty of the pearls don’t get lost in one solid string. $1000.


Luckily I’m not on that set. I would pull a Lindsay Lohan with this ring let me tell you. It’s a Praseolite ring and will set you back $975.

And there you have it! Now you can wear all these jewels, dress to the part, find a hunky man with lots of money and you could look like the below!


Oh, and dye your hair blonde but that’s a minor sacrifice to look this gorgeous.. [Source: here]

There is plenty more in the Ziegfeld collection so go and have a peek here. All images from here. 

Ken and Dana Design

I am a big fan of procrastination. So when the procrastination gods sat down and created Pinterest, I cheered and joined as soon as I was made aware of just how fantastic it is (Thanks Briony!). Amid the numerous weight loss remedies and ‘motivational’ pins (look like this now with an annoying picture of a perfect set of abs), there are some real treasures and, excuse the pun, gems to be found.

I saw a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring on my feed the other day and repinned it, only to have about 20 people repin the pin and a bunch more ‘like’ it. Because it was so popular I took a closer look at the designers and decided I had to share their awesome pieces.

This is the baby. How amazingly different?

This is the baby. How amazingly different?

The company responsible are Ken and Dana Designs, from New York City. They describe their search for inspiration in everything that surrounds them,

We make engagement rings and wedding bands that are inspired by sculpture, architecture, organic shapes, and most of all, the personal stories we hear from our clients every day. We recognize that no two relationships are the same, and only by engaging you throughout the creation process are we able to craft a truly unique product that you can call your own.

Each engagement ring is named after the person it was designed for and is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many beautiful pieces on their site so I chose the most unique and different engagement rings to show you girls;


This is called The Daya. It is described as combining the art of sculpture with a classic solitaire in a choice of recycled metal. I describe it as gorgeous.


The Aurora is the Ken and Dana Design’s sculptural take on a traditional engagement ring. The pear cut diamond might just be one of my favourite cuts.


I love the story behind this ring. The guy wanted his soon-to-be fiance’s passions exhibited some how in the ring. The designers came up with the idea of incorporating a double helix because she is a genetic scientist -VOILA! Called Mandy, it is such a unique piece!


The Pari features a cluster of round brilliant diamonds flanked by six gold prongs. I’m not a great fan of gold but this, with six diamonds, I would definitely wear!


The Sundara is bold and sculptural. What I love about this piece features Ken and Dana’s signature split shank (the part going around your finger), symbolizing the merging of two paths into one.


The Devi is inspired by the essence of a delicate rose bud, complete with organic flourishes. I’m not great fan of this ring but, I’m sure you can agree, it’s a very different take on the engagement ring.

And there you go. Have you been drooling over these as much as I did? If so, visit the Ken and Dana website here, like their Facebook page here, follow them on Twitter @KDDdesign and on Pinterest here.

Off to London I goooo!

So most of you who know me, know that I am leaving the sunny shores of Cape Town, South Africa (a place that I have called home for 25 years) and am on my way to London. In a week. *Cue hysterical screams of excitement and pure terror*

As of today I am unemployed, homeless and, with nothing more than a few pounds (and I mean few. This exchange rate is horrible) and a one way ticket to the UK, I am embarking on my next big adventure.


Might need to buy one of these blingola’s to remind me where I am. Then again, this is a little hideous. So maybe not. [source]

Good news is that I am still going to continue blogging and am going to try and keep featuring Cape Town and South African jewellery designers because I just love their style. BUT the exciting aspect is that I can also blog about jewellery from one of the most fashion forward cities in the world!


This is not as kitch as the above ring. In fact, I could def pull this off! [source]

To celebrate I thought I would show you a few union jack pieces that are not too bad. Well kinda.


These are.. cute. I would wear them if I was given it as a present. Maybe. [source]


Not this is nice. Perfect for all the coast I am going to need to buy to try and stay warm. [source]


Everyone knows that people drink lots of tea in London. I’m more of a coffee girl but bring on the scones! [source]

<img class=” wp-image-651 ” alt=”<pre>

</pre>” src=”; width=”396″ height=”396″ />

Quite sweet. [source]Ok, I’m off to pack my life into a suitcase. Have an awesome weekend almal!

Dear Rae Jewellery

It’s one of my favourite things to be tipped off about an awesome jewellery designer – only to realise that she comes from good old Cape Town! I have liked very similar jewellery on Pinterest so imagine my excitement to find out that I can purchase my own gorgeous pieces right down the road.

Yes, i know. Bask in the prettiness.

Yes, i know. Bask in the prettiness.

Dear Rae Jewellery was started in 2012 by Karin Rae Matthee, who has a BA Fine Art from Stellenbosch University (my Alma Mater too!). She says on her website that,

In 2008 she completed a semester at the Pforzheim Hochschule in Germany. This exchange was a very significant experience in Karin’s studies, it refined her skills and inspired her to start Dear Rae.

How much do you love the rings?

How much do you love the rings?

Well I’m pretty glad that she did start this gorgeous brand as I could happily spend next months entire salary on her pieces! The jewellery is made up of natural lines and simplistic forms and are available in gold, silver, brass and copper. These precious pieces are designed to be worn everyday and celebrate the beauty and ease of simplicity and translate into functional jewellery.

She has the most interesting pendant necklaces;

necklace 1

All pendants come with a sterling silver chain and you can order 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm or 60cm chain length.

The bracelets are also beautiful and are perfect for the stacking trend at the moment!


A bangle that will last you for a very long time..


Although these are all in brass, they can be made in silver to order.


A few of these bangles together my wrist would just be so at home.

Now you all know I’m a sucker for rings.. How cute are these babies below?


So you can buy one in every colour, to match every outfit.


How lovely is the little cut out heart?

The little heart will look awesome when on your finger

The little heart will look awesome when on your finger

And then, for some added pizzaz, she also throws in a few gemstones to keep things beautiful;

The uniqueness of this ring just makes me want to get my own!

The uniqueness of this ring just makes me want to get my own!

This is the kind of ring that people notcie within it being too overstated.

This is the kind of ring that people notcie within it being too overstated.

How simple yet stunning is this deep blue stone?

How simple yet stunning is this deep blue stone?

If you have now fallen as head over heels for Dear Rae Jewellery as I now have, you can visit their website here, like their Facebook page here and follow her on Twitter @Dearrae. My favourite part of the whole website is the cleaning instructions – “the best way to keep your jewellery clean is to wear it”. Now with a motto like that, you know these pieces are made to last!

Thanks @Claire_Hills for directing me to this awesome find!

It’s my birthday!

Yes, i am older than 8. I just like the picture ok?!

Yes, i am older than 8. I just like the picture ok?!

So yes, today is the day I get to be the centre of attention 😉 Also, I heard a rumour that on birthdays calories don’t count..

Psshhht.. As if I need another excuse to eat cake.

Psshhht.. As if I need another excuse to eat cake.

Also, being a true magpie, I decided to buy myself a few birthday presents. What’s a birthday if you can’t buy yourself prezzies?


How much do you love this bracelet? It’s from Romeo Foxtrot Designs – a designer I will do a post about soon!


I bought the grey suede one and this bracelet is perfect to start stacking! R100

Not content with just that, I need a simple little necklace and saw the perfect on to treat myself with;

How cute is this necklace?? It's a little sterling silver bunny on a 40cm closed link chain. R150.

How cute is this necklace?? It’s a little sterling silver bunny on a 40cm closed link chain. R150.

While I was sitting doing this post, my boyfriend sneakily asked if he could help with the post. I was a little confused until he whipped out an early birthday prezzie!

photo (1)

Yay! I have just thrown my other feather earrings out because they were looking a little gross. So very stoked with these!


I spotted this ring a while ago and loved it and he was sneaky (and thoughtful) enough to remember. How much do you like the shape?

Girls, forgive me. The post today was totally self indulgent however if it makes you feel better, just know that by the end of the day I will look like this..

OD on cake.

OD on cake. Sugar rush. Must lie down.

Have a wonderful weekend!