The Jewellery Show 2013

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram you will know that I attended The Jewellery Show at Somerset House in London this week. It was a trade show so there were many buyers milling about (I could only wish to buy some of the gorgeous items on display!) as well as people just fanatical about jewellery (like yours truly).

I was so stupidly excited of my name tag that I continued to wear long after the show. Nerd I know.

I was so stupidly excited of my name tag that I continued to wear it long after the show. So mature.

One of the big attractions was the catwalk show where models were wearing jewellery that highlighted the current trends and designers making a splash. Now you have to excuse the quality of these images. I tried to get the official images with no success and because we were told no camera’s were allowed, all I had was an iPhone. But you’ll get the idea.


Pearls are a must for Spring/Summer but are also making an appearance on Fall 2013 runways. Not just one string mind you, layer layer layer or get the biggest ‘pearls’ you can find to make an impact!


Jewellery by The Real Pearl Co. Not only draped around the neck but cuffs, rings and earrings too. See how big the pearls in the earrings are? If you find a necklace with oversized pearls like that you’ll be bang on trend.

Jewellery from La Perle Blanche

Jewellery from La Perle Blanche, another example of many strands of pearls but worn pendant style.


I love pendant necklaces because it reminds me of my childhood wearing my dolphin pendant necklace! Obviously there were no dolphins to be seen on the runway but pendants are coming back in a big way. Longer length seems to be more popular but wear it according to your preference.


Jewellery by Lucet Mundi. This photo was taken professionally (as you can see) and the layering trend also manages to sneak in here. Different lengths make for an unusual take on the ‘statement necklace’ trend.


I was so in love with this dress that I didn’t even take note of who the designer was but my guess would be Quoins. Again, the more pendants, the merrier.


Girls, cuffs have not gone out of trend and look set to hang around for a while..


Jewellery by Jessica Flinn. Not content with just one cuff, this model is wearing three!

Statement Pieces:

The bigger the better. As seen above and below, if it’s the same design and colours, go overboard! If it’s different designers, I might recommend just going with one big piece so that it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.


Making a statement is not complete without a cuff. Just FYI. Also, I have no idea who the designer is for this piece, apologies!

Jewellery by Lucy Q Designs. Gorgeous silver statement necklace.

Jewellery by Lucy Q Designs. Gorgeous silver statement necklace.

So there you have it! I was able to interview the most awesome designers and saw some gorgeous designs so be sure to keep an eye on my blog as I will be putting them up over the course of the next few weeks. Have a great weekend everyone!